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Snake talks

I went to a talk about snake with the snake guy in Langkawi. He is the one all hotels and resorts call if there is a snake anywhere near the guests. What he does is capture it and then he releases it again somewhere in the jungle.

Snake talk 1504 002

He talked about his education, his jobs and his families and he talked about the spieces of snakes on Langkawi. Very interesting!

The whole time there was 2 boxes standing behing him, in one of them I could clearly see there was a kobra wanting to get out. I was focusing on the slides and information we were receiving but very distraced by the boxes…

Being scared of snakes my entire life, picturing snakes in piles whenever the lights were out since I was a child. Like in the Indiana Jones movie you know? Getting teh shivers even talking about snakes and screaming really loud when meeting one in Sweden once…

So far in Langkawi i haven´t, yet, seen a wild alive snake (knock on wood)  but there is plenty of snakes here so I guess it´s just a matter of time before I do.

The talk was very interesting and educating, we learned what to do if we find a snake and how to backoff from it.

Then it was time for the real deal. He took out the cobra he brought. Recently captured it was a wild snake. He dropped it on the floor!! Again. He. Dropped. It. On. The. Floor!

Snake talk 1504 005

I was allready sitting on the desk because of my phobia so I felt pretty safe. The snake started to get away from him, coming towards the audience. Whenever he came close to someone he told them to stand perfectly still. (URGH!)

He antagonised the snake, showing us how it is reacting and what to do if we meet one, very educational.

Then he put the snake away and took out a 2,5 meters python. This snake is not venomous but it can surely bite and it will if it feels threatened. So he showed us how to react and get safely away from it, should it try to attack us.

After that he brought “his own snake” one he kept for over 2 years, one that is used to humans and good for educational purposes. He asked if anybody wanted to hold it and sure enough a brave girl stepped forward and held out her arms.

Snake talk 1504 013

Byt this time I was mentally preparing myself, I wanted to touch the snake and I wanted so bad NOT TO. I was scared and by the time it was time for the next person from the audience to try I bravely stepped forward without hestitating (or thinking). He offered me to put the snake around my neck but I said no, asking him to hold it and also hold the head. After hesitating a but I finally touched the tail. Shaking, crying and laughing all in one (I always laugh when I am scared..). I got more brave and felt the body of the snake as it was moving around Othmans neck.


I was very shaken by the experience.

Amazing to feel the muscles as it was moving and it wasn´t slimey, cold or disgusting at all. What a relief.

After me there was another woman stepping forward and he put the snake around her neck, it actually got up and rubbed her nose, like he as cuddling very beautiful.

Snake talk 1504 014

As I was driving home from the talk I had a big knot i my tummy and I was crying the whole way. Proud of myself for daring to finally touch a snake. Maybe I eventually can get rid of my phobia.

Picturing myself dreaming about a snake pit I was a bit scared to go to bed that night but I actually slept like a baby!

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    Jag sålde nästan allt jag ägde och befinner mig nu på resande fot. Kommer att leva på sparade pengar, försöka ta ett digitalt jobb, förhoppningsvis och njuta av livet som det ska njutas.
    JAG har hoppat av ekorrhjulet och försöker leva livet så som det ska göras. Njutningsfullt, livfullt och utan en massa saker som tynger.
    Har du frågor är du välkommen att maila mig!

    Just nu är jag i Langkawi, Malaysia. Har varit i Bangkok, Dan Nok, Hong Kong, Koh Lipe och Vietnam sen jag kom hit. Nästa resa går till Koh Lipe.

    Hade en fantastisk resa planerad till Laos - Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam men den får vänta till ett annat år.

    Fanbrev skickas hit

    På hösten 2011-vintern 2012 var jag på drömresan med min dotter.

    Bara så du vet; jag publicerar inte rasistiska eller kränkande kommentarer på min blogg.

    Vi har vågat;

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