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My neighbours

Where I live there used to be a small shed, just for gardening tools.  There ir one house with 4 small “apartments” and then there is one house with 2 rooms. Beside that house is the shed.

When my neighbours who were expecting got a bigger pentry built on the back of their house we hade people who came and built that. They were from Myanmar.

After a couple of days one of the guys that were building moved into the shed and started to extend it. Using roof material in steel to build a kicthen area and toilet.

After a while a pregnant woman moved in, I guess his wife. They now have a cute baby daughter who is about 6 months old.  Recently more people came to move in, it´s a man and his son. The son likes to come and talk to me. He speaks very bad english but he is making an effort and I think that is important.

After the boats with Rohingyas refugees came I wanted to ask if they also were rohingyas but it just didn´t feelt comfortable.

Today the boy told me he is a rohingya and that he came with a boat. He has been here for a while tho so he didn´t come with tha last batch.

I am going to ask him more and see if I can get like an interview with him about Burma and the boat trip.

I think this whole story is really interesting and it sure is worth writing about.

Don´t you ?

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  1. I guess these people has a lot of interesting stories to tell. I wonder how they manage to find a new living. Isn´t it hard to get jobs?

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    • The take whatever jobs they can! They are dedicated and not lazy as many Malaysian’s are.
      Just walk around and ask if anybody has anything they need to be done.

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Rasism, personliga kränkningar/påhopp och falska email gör att jag inte publicerar din kommentar. Älskar snälla kommentarer och sakliga diskussioner ;)

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  • krulli

    Jag sålde nästan allt jag ägde och befinner mig nu på resande fot. Kommer att leva på sparade pengar, försöka ta ett digitalt jobb, förhoppningsvis och njuta av livet som det ska njutas.
    JAG har hoppat av ekorrhjulet och försöker leva livet så som det ska göras. Njutningsfullt, livfullt och utan en massa saker som tynger.
    Har du frågor är du välkommen att maila mig!

    Just nu är jag i Langkawi, Malaysia. Har varit i Bangkok, Dan Nok, Hong Kong, Koh Lipe och Vietnam sen jag kom hit. Nästa resa går till Koh Lipe.

    Hade en fantastisk resa planerad till Laos - Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam men den får vänta till ett annat år.

    Fanbrev skickas hit

    På hösten 2011-vintern 2012 var jag på drömresan med min dotter.

    Bara så du vet; jag publicerar inte rasistiska eller kränkande kommentarer på min blogg.

    Vi har vågat;

    Jag är med i Blogg100-utmaningen. dvs blogga varje dag i 100 dagar.
    Blogg100 - Ett inlägg om dagen i 100 dagar

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