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    Ziplining in Langkawi

    We started out with filling in the safety forms and with fitting the harness . Then we got a safety breefing on what to do and what not to do.  After that we were transported halfway up the waterfall to start our flying. The instructors spoke well english and they keept reminding us of the […]

    When arriving in Langkawi

    When you arrive in Langkawi there are a few things you need to know. Whether you come by plane or ferry. First of all, Pantai Cenang / Pantai Tengah area is the best if you want to experience beach, restaurants, bars and shops. There are lots of hotels here ranging from lowest budget to splurge […]

    Walking up to Gunung Raya

    Yes this is a nice but quite hard walk. It´s 4287 steps to the top and most of them are upwards (a few ones going down before the final stretch up.) Gunung Raya is the highest mountain on Langkawi. Start in Kampung Bukus (Book Village) and follow the path. The park in this area is […]

    Nest Rooftop, Langkawi

    The Nest is the first roof top bar in Langkawi and the view from up here is amazing. You can see Pantai Cenang from a totally different view. Watching the sunset from here is popular and you need to be out in time to get a good place to sit. They serve food, inspired from […]

    Leaving Langkawi

    There is just so much to explore in the world, why stay too long in Langkawi? I can surely give you a lot of reasons, after all I stayed here for almost two years and made Langkawi my home but that´s not what you are looking for is it? Anyway, you seen the beaches, drank […]

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Trash Hero Langkawi this week.

Trash Hero Langkawi has had a couple of tough weeks with lots of cleanups, lots of volunteers and a hugh result in picked up trash!

There has been one cleanup performed with Kem Bini Negara and students from UUM (Mainland) . Then there were two cleanups during project Revive with very good results.

This week started with a phone call from LADA. They wanted us to be in their Geopark show on the radio (Langkawi FM) on thursday. Went for a meeting with them and got some questions they would ask us. They wanted both me and Zan to be there so we could talk in english and Bahasa Malayu.  That was incredible fun! We got to spend a whole hour there and talk about Trash Hero Langkawi!

LADA also pedged to join our cleanup and to sponsor for food. They asked me if I could arrange for the catering since I requested that there would be no plastic and no styrofoam.

So they saturday comes and we start of with brekfast at Nest rooftop.


When we arrive to the cleanup site we are greeted with a lot of people. LADA is there, E Idaman is there and some random volunteers. I immidiately get informed that Tan Sri Khalid is going to join us. Tan Sri Khalid is the CEO of LADA who are the government authority on the Island. Basically the boss of Langkawi! ;)


I do my talk and we start cleaning, the waterfall is beautiful (I havent visited before) and it´s a nice day. Divided into groups we go to different places and after a while the results starts to come back. (And so does the trash…)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well the day wasn´t over with the cleanup, first some food and then off to Langkawi Wild Life Park where we were invited to come.  Lots of fun feeding the animals there! I love that place!

trash-hero-16-09-24-050 trash-hero-16-09-24-052 trash-hero-16-09-24-053

Trash Picked up: 710 kilos

Volunteers: 45

Location: Durian Perengin Waterfall.

Sponsors: Nest rooftop, LADA, Langkawi Wild Life Park

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My Revshares

I have been around the block of Revshares now for a year. I had never heard of Revshares before.

A Revshare company is one who sells advertising. It comes with visitors to your site. When you buy advertisments you get clicks on your site PLUS you get a share of the revenue. (Revenue Share). I tried a lot of them in the fall. Put my hard earned money in there just to see them fail and break.

Except two of them.

1. My Paying Ads MPA

This Revshare is growing steady and had problems when PayPal decided it was growing too fast and decided to freeze almost 4 millions USD of their (our) money. PaypPal has now released half of the money and we are all waiting eagerly for the money to be usable again so we can continue with full speed ahead.

If you buy 1 adpack for $5 it will grow and in almost 2 months you will have $6. What bank does that for you? In order to keep your money growing you need to click 10 ads / day. Its easy and it takes about 10 minutes. If you want it to grow faster you talk to your friends about it nd maybe they are interested to join as well. If so you will get 10% of everything they buy.

Key here is to use your money to repurchase more adpacks untill you reach the income you want daily. You can withdraw 10% of your earnings each day without decreasing your number och packs. Say for example, your packs are rendering you $300/ day, then you can withdraw $30 / day and repurchase for the rest of the money. This will keep you at the same level. If you want a higher income then just continue to repurchase 100%!

Ask me if you want to try this, Ill help you.

2. TrafficMonsoon TM

This is the most steady one I know and I am loving it. Here PayPal decided to freeze the money too becuse it was growing too fast and that money will be released in august. But I continued to add money in here. You need to surf 50 ads in this revshare and the packs costs $50 each but that means it is growing a lot faster.

This is how I keep growing; each month I try to save some money, maybe I skip that beer or the crisps or eat at home, put away the money and then I add a little money to make it grow faster. 

The third Revshare I recomend is 

3. Zukul Ad Network ZAN (Yeah, I know my husbands name is Zan, this is why I love it)

Zan came after MPA and TM got their assets frozen and decided to not use PayPal in order to avoid the problem.

It works the same way. Packs costs $1 each. You click 10 links each day and as long as you do that the money keeps growing.

So each morning I wake up, I go outside and have breakfast and I connect to internet, do my clicks and then I can spend my days on the beach or do whatever I want. I know my money keeps growing each minute, even when I am sleeping.

2016-07-14 09.16.31

(This is where I sit and make my money)

Please note that this is not a your way to get rich overnight but with some dedication you can certainly get rich, or at least financial independent.

They more money you are adding the faster the money grows but you can certaily start on a small note, like I have done.

As a blogger this is perfect for me, not only can I generate money on buying advertisments but it also generates visitors to my blog. 

If you decide to try, please contact me in a comment and I will guide you. It can be very confusing in the beginning but I have been there and know what to do. :)

To start you will need a payment processor, for example Payzaa, you will need a picture of your id/Passport and a picture of an utitily bill with your name and adress on it. This to verify that you are you and to prevent money laundrying etc. 

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This is quite funny actually. I have been working with Revshares now since July last year. Yes, I do make some money on it but with patience I will make even more money. I.e. if I don´t withdraw anything.

1st of April there was a new Revshare launced. ZukulAdNetwork or #Zan.

Those of you who knows me knows that my husbands name is Zan. Of course I had to sign up and of course I had to signup Zan as well.

Zan (The revshare)  is a revshare without any Revenue.. yep. It´s called return payments and you don´t earn any money, you just share the profit.

But what is a Revshare?

Well basically it`s an advertising website and when you buy advertising on it you get to share some of the profit. Smart huh? Because we all know there is a lot of money in advertising.

Say for example you buy one share (Or pack as they generally are called) and you pay $1 for it. This will give you one share and day by day the worth of it will grow. Maximum growth is 1,20. But that`s not bad, is it?

What bank pays that interest?

Most likely the bank will give you interest on your money you deposit to them, but then they will charge you for having an account and you will end up with basically not more money than before you started… (Despite the fact that you are lending them money..)

So this takes time of course, how long it takes depends on how much sales there is on the site. If you help to promote the site you get your money faster.

Ok, so if I only have, say $20, what to do?

Well so did I, but every hour I get payments on my adpacks and as soon as I can buy one more adpack I do. This is called a repurchase. If you don´t withdraw money  at all you do a 100% repurchase.  This is my strategy, instead of adding money into Zan I just use the return payment to buy more and more packs.

What do I have to do to get this money?

Well you have to click on 10 banners every day. Each day you click on your banners your money is growing. If you don´t click your money won´t grow (It will take longer to get your packs maximum worth…

It takes a bit more than a month for your packs to growm untill they are expired. (When they reach the 1,20 they will be matured and stop generate money. )

Ok, I told you I started with $20. Now the 23rd of May the money is worth $45. Se picture. Yes I got comission as well but if you promote your page you can.

ZAN Return Payments 2016-05-23

(Or if you think you are not good at promoting this then you totally should join Zukul.com, there you can purchase the referals if you want. I did. ) But that is a whole other post..

So quick cash, eh?

No, not really unless you have a lot of money to put in, for me it´s a chance to build and get a stable long term income.  As I stated, I started with only $20.

But I don`t have anything to advertise?

Well if you don`t have a blog or any website at all you can basically leave your ads empty. Or link to anything you might like if you think they need to get more visitors.

This sounds interesting, what do I do?

Either you sign up with my husband [Here] or if you have more questions, contact me in a comment and I will try to sort your questions out.

Why do I sign up with your husband and not you. Well it´s simple. I bought referrals in Zukul.com and I am not allowed to advertise my own site. But Zan didn´t so Ill advertise his.

Are you ready to jump off the fence and join this train?

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49 dagar utan regn!

Så kom de då,  de svarta tunga Regn molnen.


Jag gjorde mig redo. Tänkte gå ut och bli ordentligt blöt!
Hur mycket som helst på facebook om regnet.
Höga förväntningar.
Nog regnade det alltid.
Fast i området där jag bor kom det bara lite regn! :(
Tengah och Cenang har fortfarande ordentlig torka.
Knappt vatten att dricka än mindre duscha i.
Jag som längtat så!
Nåja april är regnperiod.  Det lär komma! :)

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You can never guess what happened

I had a tomato starting to go bad. I cut it into 4 pieces and put it in the dirt.
You can NEVER guess what happened!
It started growing. I now have tomatoe plants.
Isn’t that unbelievable?
Or maybe it’s just the way of mother nature?


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A different sunset

From “shark bay” and black sand beach! :)



Beautiful!  :)

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Kite festival

In the heat.
In the middle of the padi fields (rice fields) there is right now a festival of kites going on.

The grand price is rm 3000 wich is more than a months salary here.


It is lasting for two days and of course there is vendors here as well to provide food and drinks for the spectators.
Musik is loud, malaysian or 80′s…


It’s so hot that yesterday I got sun burned sitting in the shade!
Today I’ve been sitting out for a while when there was clouds but now I am back in the shade.
Suddenly there are a tromb whirling the dry mud in the padi field. And another.
Zan is a judge in the festival so he us standing all day out in the fields. In the heat!
Fun tho because I am the only mat salleh here so even the local politician came to talk to me.
I love the simpleness with these festivals. No fuss.
This is the real Langkawi that not many tourists see. :)

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The Chinese cook named cock

Well probably it spells different like Kok or something but I think it’s hillarous.
My sense of humour…

He is the kindest man.
He makes really great beef in black pepper sauce.
But inside I always feel naughty when I ask for a cup of coffee.


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Killer pool

Everybody stars with three lives. You get one shot. If you miss you loose one life.

The last man / woman standing wins.
We all pay rm 5.
If there is a lot of players there is a lot of money to win.
The whole bar is cheering and clapping. Kind of stands still when people are playing.
It’s fun.
If I play?
Of course, my skills from “fritidsgården” at school is not paying of tho. 
I guess 40 years later too much is forgotten?


It’s fun tho!
And I’m a Player, right?

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Is this hell?

Ok here is another rant about the weather.
If you sit down and then you stand up. You will sweat like a pig.
When you wake up in the morning you smell because you sweat like a pig all night. And there us a wet spot after you in the shape of your body.
There is no relief.
It’s making me really tired all the time.
Cheklisting out this forecast:


Yeah. It will continue.
Now check out how hot it feels!
Ya. 45 degrees!
45 degrees?
I need water. And ice. Can I get ut in a hottub please?
Phew. Now I am sweating again!

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    Jag sålde nästan allt jag ägde och befinner mig nu på resande fot. Kommer att leva på sparade pengar, försöka ta ett digitalt jobb, förhoppningsvis och njuta av livet som det ska njutas.
    JAG har hoppat av ekorrhjulet och försöker leva livet så som det ska göras. Njutningsfullt, livfullt och utan en massa saker som tynger.
    Har du frågor är du välkommen att maila mig!

    Just nu är jag i Langkawi, Malaysia. Har varit i Bangkok, Dan Nok, Hong Kong, Koh Lipe och Vietnam sen jag kom hit. Nästa resa går till Koh Lipe.

    Hade en fantastisk resa planerad till Laos - Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam men den får vänta till ett annat år.

    Fanbrev skickas hit

    På hösten 2011-vintern 2012 var jag på drömresan med min dotter.

    Bara så du vet; jag publicerar inte rasistiska eller kränkande kommentarer på min blogg.

    Vi har vågat;

    Jag är med i Blogg100-utmaningen. dvs blogga varje dag i 100 dagar.
    Blogg100 - Ett inlägg om dagen i 100 dagar

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